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15 July 2006 @ 12:15 am

Hey everyone – get this through your heads. I didn’t want to shut down WDMA and I was not the reason that WDMA shut down. I donated cash to them and was a member of WDMA for two years. LOWTAX CAUSED THE END OF WDMA – go find and ask the old WDMA admins like BMD or read www.wdma.biz or www.wdma.us. Get it through your heads already.

If anyone has ANY information (IM names, telephone numbers, other personal information / stories, business related information, real names, birthdays, etc.) on the following people, please email me immediately and anonymously at mysticism@gmail.com : Lowtax, OMGWTFBBQ, Ozma, RabidLeper, Count Chocula, RetinaBurn, BlueYoda, PolyFractal, Jamison, Bub, Ginc, Gizm, Perry or anyone seen making threats / revealing my personal information.



VISIT THE ROOT FOLDER FOR PICTURES : http://www.invisibledream.com/wdma_drama/

In response to the Radium and FYAD threads :



  1. I have not met with the FBI, DOJ nor did I ever send the link out to anyone outside of Richard “Lowtax” Kyanka and his email account. Richard made this public and was the sole reason that the administrators decided to bring WDMA down. Lowtax drew way too much attention to the site while he was trying to protect himself and make it look as if he never knew the site existed despite being a member of WDMA.

  2. I reacted to the situation originally because pictures and a small video were stolen and were being used intentionally to try to harm my life and the life of the girl that I was with. BMD was out of town on vacation and was not able to contain the situation at WDMA. One of his admins banned me from that site so that those responsible could do what they wished with the pictures and video which ultimately spawned the start of the entire dramabomb.

  3. Immediately after the WDMA post, a post was made on SomethingAwful’s hidden from the public forum FYAD. Much like BTB (torrents), NMP3 (mp3s) and DPPH (porn) used to be, FYAD is only viewable by registered and paid subscribers.

  4. An email was sent out to WDMA admins. The Something Awful tech support form was used on SA to report the stolen pictures and video on FYAD and SpokkerJones was contacted on AIM as well. No one responded to the situation on an official manner. Instead, people like Gizm, Perry, JadedSamuari, ZombieJesus and io_burn made cracks and jokes about how hilarious it was going to be to try to get the pictures to her family and friends.

  5. Threats began to come in through various channels and it was made known to me that emails with the pictures had been sent to business associates along with information stating that the girl was underage and that I raped her. The threats initially were related to spreading the pictures and video to everyone I know and everyone she knows. They then began to get much worse and began to involve causing bodily harm to me in various ways, killing me and worst of all, finding her and raping her.

  6. Information was put together on WDMA and BTB and a final warning in an email was sent to Lowtax. Lowtax made the email public but did not post my follow up emails which stated that I would not be sending the links out not less than 30 minutes later. This is what spawned the demise of WDMA also known as SomethingAwful.com’s BitTorrent Barnyard 2.0.

  7. Lowtax’s administrators began posting information about me and private messages which had been sent to them. As expected, they left out various other messages that tied what was being said together. They instead attempted to label me as crazy and implied that I contacted the police in the past simply over forum posts. In one of these private messages posted by the admins my cell phone number was leaked out but was then edited later. This is what spawned the phone harassment that has been ongoing. In regards to Ozma’s comments, she failed to mention the real situation that lead to my ban. I was dealing with the police over threats to my life, the lives of others in my apartment complex and threats of arson by an ex-girlfriend named Goose that resided on the forums. Ozma wanted to ban me because I had released an mp3 days prior to my ban which had actual footage of the threats taking place –


    Ozma also failed to mention that the reason I was permabanned from SomethingAwful in March 2005 was because I refused to provide RabidLeper and other WDMA admins with the sex videos and pictures that Goose and I made during our relationship. I had not said a word to anyone about Goose for over three days at SomethingAwful but Ozma and OMGWTFBBQ permabanned me for not complying with RabidLeper’s request at WDMA to release the videos. Yes, I was permabanned for not releasing pornographic materials to WDMA of my ex girlfriend that was threatening my life.
  8. I am still being threatened on an almost hourly basis by people I do not know over email, AIM and my telephone number. I have destroyed business relationships, my family is now aware of the situation and things have begun to impact her life as well. This could have all been prevented by the WDMA admins and by Lowtax / SpokkerJones had they squelched everyone involved in the harassment.

  9. WDMA is now gone. It was not brought down because of me, anyone doubting this can attempt to contact the forum admins. At this time chat logs will be kept private between myself and the WDMA admins but let this be known, the shut down was going to happen at some point anyways and the SOLE reason for the shut down was the attention that Lowtax brought to WDMA. Someone by the name of “Bleep” is attempting a BTB 3.0 which will be open ONLY to Something Awful members just as WDMA aka BTB 2.0 was. But remember, SomethingAwful has NOTHING to do with these forums that are simply offsite versions of the hosted BTB / NMP3 / DPPH forums that Richard “Lowtax” Kyanka hosted for years and made over $150,000.00 USD off of.

  10. Just to re-iterate, I did not send information to ANYONE aside from Richard “Lowtax” Kyanka. He made everything public. I am not working with the FBI, DOJ or any other agencies. I did not know that the site was run at MCI nor did I contact them. 90% of what you hear online right now is a rumor.

  11. Richard “Lowtax” Kyanka has always been tied to WDMA and did have membership there. He is trying to cover his ass especially now that he has caused the end of WDMA. He would like all of you to believe that I caused WDMA to go down and sent the links to everyone on the planet. The truth is, he did through his forums. He can lie all he would like, there are now logs from WDMA administrators discussing the SA admin accounts of SpokkerJones, Lowtax, Ozma and RabidLeper. While the WDMA admins have dismantled the former WDMA server to try to protect people, the fact remains that Richard “Lowtax” Kyanka made a fortune off the sites and has always been aware of their existence. If this was not true, then these sub-forums of the forums he created would no longer exist or have any ties with SomethingAwful. To this day, the only way to get on these sites and soon to be the BTB 3.0 site is to be a member of SomethingAwful.

So those of you that want to murder me, want me to die alone, want to rape my girlfriend, want to burn my place down, feed me poison, crush me with a whale or do whatever else, you need to direct your anger somewhere else. Also, I have heard a million times already that my dick is small and that she’s a fat ugly whale despite the fact that my dick is bigger than yours (especially in girth) and that she’s thin. If you want to make fun of a girl where making fun of her would make sense, make fun of Lowtax’s wife. She’s disgusting.

UPDATE 12:53AM CST 08/06/05 : I had to make an update in regards to Ozma’s latest comments

By Ozma :Haha, the "harassment" angle continues to escalate. He's so crazy he's just making shit up as he goes along. There was zero mention of "threats on his life" though I wish he would have mentioned that in his first PM so I could have immediately disregarded him as a whacko rather than coddling him for a couple days before throwing in the towel.”

Ozma lies through her teeth worst out of Lowtax, RabidLeper and the other admins at SomethingAwful. Just as Ozma was bitter about the mp3 of Goose (in her own words she said that the mp3 of Goose should have never been released no matter what), she is bitter about WDMA since she was a mod there and is trying to cover Lowtax’s ass to the best of her ability by spreading lies about me.

She was notified of the threats. She was notified that the police in my area were involved not because of Goose’s forum posts but instead because of the threats. Ozma heard the mp3 where Goose was making threats on her life, on my life and a threat to commit arson. Ozma was made aware that Goose tried kidnapping my dog and threatened many other things. The only thing that I requested of her was to see if she could pull any sort of backup of a post that Goose made and then edited so I could give it to the police. Anyone that listens to the mp3 can see that there were threats but instead Ozma sits there saying that she would have immediately disregarded me as “whacko”.

Anything that I have said to anyone has been the complete 100% truth. Anything that you’re hearing from Lowtax, RabidLeper, Ozma, OMGWTFBBQ and any of the other admins are lies. They want to push the blame off on me and they do not want people getting upset at them to the point that they may have to deal with making money off piracy because of hate from all the people they may have pissed off in this situation.

Notice something here – Lowtax has said time and time again that he didn’t even know what WDMA was. Anyone that was on WDMA can verify that Lowtax did have an account. Now Lowtax is keeping a thread up where he is blatantly giving out my information again, posting lies and giving people a place to discuss WDMA in public and discuss hopes that people “carry out the threats”. If you want to make threats, make it against the person that has fucked you all from the very beginning and made over one hundred thousand dollars off the torrent sites alone - Richard “Lowtax” Kyanka. If Richard wants to keep lying then I will begin posting private WDMA admin logs which show discussions about the SomethingAwful admin accounts which were sent to me.

Before I end this, I will give you all the opportunity to bust Ozma hands down in her lies. Ask Ozma to show where exactly I couldn’t “stop the drama”. I hadn’t contacted her or anyone else at SomethingAwful for days after they told me to shut up about her. I was banned for not posting Goose porn at WDMA. The fact that Ozma says she wasn’t notified of threats can be verified by her posting the other PM logs. Also, here’s one of the best ways to bust her in her lies :

By Ozma : “Keep in mind he never had permission to post said video in the first place.”

Ozma pulled this one out of her ass. She is nothing but a liar. Ask her to prove that and you will see that the admins at SomethingAwful are out to mislead you so that you place the blame on me. The blame instead should go on Lowtax.

UPDATE 4:53AM / 11:09AM CST 08/06/05 : After over 200 IMs from people I do not know, at least 50 emails and countless blocked / spoofed phone calls to my cell phone in the past week, it is time to start making the latest threats and harassment public as they come in. The police already have a report on the previous threats – these latest ones are now reported and the officer took much more data on Richard Kyanka, the websites involved and he specifically stated that should anything happen, the leadership of both sites will be held responsible for generating the harassment. All of you that contact me seem to want to make things much more serious. The police have already urged me to go forward with the FBI so this can be investigated properly because many of the situations regarding this situation fall out of their jurisdiction. Those of you that think you are accomplishing something by threatening to cause harm to me or her or planning on causing harm are gravely mistaken. If the FBI gets involved in this, shit will really hit the fan. Mark my words – you raging lunatics will draw them in with your psychotic threats because the police are collecting more and more data each time they are out here. Also, those that are calling my cell phone and now my home phone with blocked and faked numbers, this is your only warning to stop. Both of my providers for telephone service are now involved to try to stop the telephone harassment.

These are some of the worst messages just from tonight / this morning and are directly related to Lowtax’s latest thread. All of the lunatics are threatening the wrong person, at least all but one person is and even then that’s fucking sick.

Session Start (TheMystic0:crazy face mike): Sat Aug 06 01:06:02 2005

[01:06] crazy face mike: i'm gonna rape your girlfriend

[01:13] TheMystic0: this is being forwarded to the authorities

Session Start (TheMystic0:BoNNo530): Sat Aug 06 02:02:02 2005

[02:02] BoNNo530: you stupid fuck

[02:02] BoNNo530: you are so fucked

[02:02] BoNNo530: block me you moron

[02:02] BoNNo530: i live in chicago heights

[02:02] BoNNo530: ill see you over the weekend fuckass

Session Start (TheMystic0:nice2meatu): Sat Aug 06 03:31:40 2005

[03:31] nice2meatu: dont wrory

[03:31] nice2meatu: if anything happens to u i liveby lowtax

[03:32] nice2meatu: nd i will kidnap his daughter cut off ehr head rape her windpipe then violate her faggot chinkbaby ass and mail her headless body back to lowtx

[03:33] nice2meatu: i hate lowtax n i wanna to kill him fat uglychink girlfriend too

Session Start (TheMystic0:you stupid bitch): Sat Aug 06 04:31:40 2005

[04:31] you stupid bitch: got it bad got it bad got it bad i'm hot for teacher

[04:31] you stupid bitch: got it bad sooo bad i'm hot for teacher

[04:32] TheMystic0: myspace.com/ysbco

[04:32] you stupid bitch: HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY WEBPAGE

[04:33] you stupid bitch: isn't it weird how van halen's music never really makes any sense

[04:36] you stupid bitch: if it's any condolences to you, I would have at least asked her before I forced her to have sex with me

Session Start (TheMystic0:thachur): Sat Aug 06 01:50:39 2005

[01:50] thachur: ASS HAT

[01:50] thachur: FUCK YOU AND DIE

[01:52] thachur: FUCK YOU

[01:52] thachur: FUCK YOU




[02:01] thachur: I HATE YOU

Session Start (TheMystic0:ryan the illest): Sat Aug 06 01:09:00 2005

[01:09] ryan the illest: hi i heard about your situation and i'm hear to put you at ease by saying you're a moron

[01:09] ryan the illest: and i hope that someone follows through with those threats on your girlfriend, because that would be an interesting story to hear about on CNN

[01:10] ryan the illest: i can see it now "man goes apeshit at the internet, girlfriend gets pounded and is fathering an unknown rapists child. story at 11."

[01:12] TheMystic0: ok

[01:12] TheMystic0: this is being forwarded to the authorities

Session Start (TheMystic0:ryan lords brain): Sat Aug 06 05:05:28 2005

[05:05] ryan lords brain: KILL YOURSELF

[05:05] TheMystic0: (Link: http://www.invisibledream.com/wdma_drama/README-In_response_to_the_Radium_and_FYAD_threads.htm)http://www.invisibledream.com/wdma_drama/README-I(Link: http://www.invisibledream.com/wdma_drama/README-In_response_to_the_Radium_and_FYAD_threads.htm)n_response_to_the_Radium_and_FYAD_threads.htm

[05:06] ryan lords brain: GO TO THE KITCHEN

[05:06] ryan lords brain: GRAB THE KNIFE

[05:06] ryan lords brain: STICK IT IN YOUR EYE

[05:06] ryan lords brain: DOWN THE ROAD DOWN THE ROAD DOWN THE ROAD

UPDATE 4:00PM CST 08/06/05 : While Ozma isn’t going around spreading lies and while the admins at SomethingAwful aren’t lying to everyone saying “WE HAD NO IDEA THAT THE FORUMS EXISTED THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH US”, Ozma was busy posting up pornography on one of the very sites that she doesn’t know exists :








Ozma’s current IP address is Oh and Lowtax NEVER used WDMA – he didn’t even know what Bittorents were when he made over $150,000.00 USD off BTB and the other forums he MADE and hosted.


UPDATE 1:56AM CST 08/07/05 : Looks like the images linking Ozma with the sites she never heard of have upset some people as has RetinaBurn’s revelation that he saw the other admin accounts on WDMA just as I and many others have. If anyone has screencaps of any of the admin accounts on WDMA besides Lowtax, submit them to me at mysticism@gmail.com. They will be very handy in proving who the liars are in this situation. Also, as mentioned at the top of this page, everyone is directing their internet rage at the wrong personal. If you don’t believe me, goto www.wdma.us and talk to pitchbende or find BMD and the other WDMA admins.

For those of you that want to see projects like www.wdma.us or PolyFractal’s project succeed as a successor to WDMA, harassing and threatening me does nothing but make things worse. Stop with the lies, rumors, etc. Anyone can read this page and see the truth. I challenge anyone to try to prove that I am lying about anything that I state here – you will not be able to because I am not lying. Instead, I try to show you proof of those that ARE lying.

More threats have come in in the past 24 hours from Radium’s thread mainly. Many more emails sent to my personal email account that Lowtax posted and tons of IMs. With the intensity of the threats increasing on a daily basis, actions have been taken. This is pretty much my final warning to everyone out there. This situation is about to be escalated a step higher and at that point it would be out of my hands. The police have already filed two reports, the next step means major fucking trouble for everyone. If you enjoy any of your SA related communities then you need to STOP now, trust me. If all things go to hell and you’re sitting there thinking “fuck, I didn’t think things could get worse than WDMA going down”, don’t say I didn’t warn you. If things are still ongoing on Monday, then I will have no control over what happens as everything will be out of my hands. You can say “hey, jokes on the internet are serious business” but all it takes is one single psychotic fanatic to really cause harm to someone or an innocent girl (or baby as the one guy above showed).

To FYAD and those that keep updating FYAD with my updates here, I am aware. To Count Chocula, RetinaBurn. BlueYoda and PolyFractal, I am aware –


To Ozma – go ahead and say that you’re not the one in the screenshots. I dare you :


What you people don’t seem to understand is there are people submitting logs, screenshots, account information, etc. Do you really think the shit you’re saying or the sites / hidden forums you’re hiding behind is stopping me from finding out? Some people that you wouldn’t even think would help me for a second are involved. Some have even vouched to provide as much about your identification as possible to the authorities.

Those calling my cell phone, you were warned before. Somehow someone now has my home telephone number and has called with a spoofed number already. Do some research on phone traps and then decide if you feel safe calling and blocking or spoofing again. There is only one single person out of the entire community right now that has permission to call me.

To the people that have been wget spamming my site to exceed bandwidth quotas and talking about hosting images of mine in a 1px size on high bandwidth sites to suck bandwidth, your information is being logged. Attacks on the server and attempts to breach security are being logged as well.

Each and every one of you take a good hard look at the situation and determine how far you really want things to go. The security of your communities are in your hands. This will most likely be my final post on the matter. You can all determine what you want the outcome to be.

As a conclusion, one of the latest threats :

[18:07] adamlabay: YOU ARE A FUCKING FAGGOT



-----Original Message-----

From: Adam LaBay [mailto:adamlabay@gmail.com]

Sent: Saturday, August 06, 2005 6:04 PM

To: xxxx.xxxx@comcast.net

Subject: faggot

you are such a fucking faggot. if possible, i would beat the living

shit out of you and piss on your pathetic fucking corpse. eat shit

and die asshole. seriously, you are such an internet faggot and need

to die. need to die. die. die. faggot.

If anyone has ANY information (IM names, telephone numbers, other personal information / stories, business related information, real names, birthdays, etc.) on the following people, please email me immediately and anonymously at mysticism@gmail.com : Lowtax, OMGWTFBBQ, Ozma, RabidLeper, Count Chocula, RetinaBurn, BlueYoda, PolyFractal, Jamison, Bub, Ginc, Gizm, Perry or anyone seen making threats / revealing my personal information.

(Anonymous) on December 12th, 2006 06:42 am (UTC)
Ozma is a Cunt. Everyone on SA knows that. They'll all go down eventually.
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