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23 July 2006 @ 02:33 am

WhereDaMoviezAt, otherwise known as WDMA is a former "torrent community" composed of a group of failures formerly associated with the file-sharing forums at Something Awful [somethingawful.com], which were spun off by their idiot dictator Lowtax early this year.

Fun WDMA facts:

  • Their primary "coder" is a douche named Apophis, who is currently 15 years old and lives with his parents in Batavia, IL [google.com]. Apophis has proven his ability to fail countless times, whether it was when working on the ill-fated tracker torrentse.cx [torrentse.cx] or feebly attempting to operate a "Web-Hosting" [xyhosting.com] business (link now goes to a domain squatter).

  • WDMA was illegaly hosted at a UUNet data center by a foolish employee who goes by the name of Travan.

  • WDMA stopped accepting new members at the beginning of the year, and has spent the rest of the time (up until the current failure) banning as many people as humanly possible.

  • WDMA used to tie its registration to Something Awful, to make sure that only the most retarded sub-moron internet elitists had a chance to "share" Family Guy episodes.

  • WDMA is dead, at the hands of the drama and failure it itself created, the inability of its owners to keep it working, and a bipolar narcissistic fatass named The Mystic, who went on a feeble internet jihad against Something Awful, other SA-related file-sharing sites, and the internet, apparently, because he failed to understand that uploading grainy videos of him ineptly fucking his fat-ass girlfriend might lead to Lulz [encycloped...matica.com].

  • WDMA did not need any help to fail. WDMA was a failure from the very beginning.

Over the last 3 days, buttes [encycloped...matica.com] has been trolling the retard students who compose the majority of WDMA's utterly plebian user-base. When it first went down, buttes [buttes.org] quickly moved into place, sealing ownership of both #wdma and #btb on ZiRC [zirc.org], the network of choice for Something Awful failures. Victims in this initial move are AngelPHISH and Dik, two ZiRC opers who gladly handed over control of the channels based on vague promises of warez.

This is a particularly ripe time for a troll. At this time of year, the overweight population of Something Awful and other "news for Aspies" websites is fiendishly filling their hard drives with precious media, to prepare for the long haul next year at whichever substandard undergrad institute has made the mistake of accepting them. WDMA is composed largely of such lumpenproles, providing a ripe audience for trickery, trolling, and dashed hopes.

A massive disinformation campaign has been in place since the beginning, based on the premise that:

  1. Apophis's parents had been called by The Mystic, causing them to send him off to boot camp in Arizona

  2. WDMA's servers had been turned over to the FBI, along with all information regarding the copyright infringement perpetrated by its members

  3. A new WDMA was on its way, staffed entirely by the permabanned trolls of #buttes.

#wdma on ZiRC currently contains 103 nicks, all of them eagerly awaiting the opportunity to resume their piracy of second-rate TV shows and movies.

#wdma on buttesnet currently holds 115 nicks, all of them eagerly awaiting the opportunity to resume their piracy of second-rate TV shows and movies. These fun people are an especial treat, as even the most hardened IRC abuse has yet to provoke flight.

Buttes has put up several fake WDMA sites, all of which garnered us a pile of passwords, as well as the LastMeasuring [nimp.org] of countless second-year overweight undergrads. Buttes has openly admitted to the troll countless times.

Yet these submorons stay and wait for news, like young Catholic school-children eagerly awaiting the precious seed of Jesus at the altar.

WDMA truly is composed of failures.



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